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Story of a champion.







She was the last to be first, for thirty years.

In 1985, Lisa Larsen (Weidenbach) Rainsberger was a 23-year-old American distance runner who won the Boston Marathon on one of the hottest days recorded. As of April 2016, for more than thirty years, no other U.S. female runner has won the Open Division in the oldest and most iconic marathon in the U.S.

In THIRTY, Rainsberger shares the story behind her win in the turbulent early 1980s, during a time of intense change and great uncertainty. Road racing evolved through runners’ fierce determination to compete as professionals, meanwhile bringing the joy of running to millions of amateurs. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted to include the women’s marathon in the Olympic Games, even as it struggled to define who met  “amateur” ideals. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), initially resistant to the implementation of Title IX in sports, refocused its energy to govern women’s intercollegiate athletics.

Against this backdrop of intense change, Rainsberger shares what led the three-time All-American to return two college scholarships so that she could switch from swimming to running, and soon after compete in the 1984 inaugural women's Olympic Trials Marathon. The book includes two Bonus Chapters: selected workouts from Rainsberger’s ‘84-85 Training Logs; and, Rainsberger's personal Boston Marathon Training Tips.

A portion of the proceeds from the e-book and Deluxe Commemorative 26.2 pillow will be donated to epilepsy research, a cause that Rainsberger supports.


THIRTY eBook & paperback 

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The story of the last American female champion of the Boston Marathon. Available in multiple formats including Kindle .

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"Lisa Rainsberger's legend continues to grow..."

Number 6 of the 35 Greatest American Female Marathoners of All Time,


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